The Process

The so called 'normal' process is this,

You have a need or a dream.

You have a budget in mind but you need to know if that is enough.

Maybe you speak with a builder or better still an architect, maybe you know someone who has recent experience of the same thing.

You then find a builder. You find an architect. Now the trouble begins.

You now have two opposing parties, wishing you pay them for their service, whose priorities are misaligned.

The architect wants to create you the best solution possible for your budget, the builder wants to provide an efficient service while making the most profit from your budget.

You are in the middle and what you require and want, can get squeezed.

​Construction has become a very litigious process, if something goes wrong, opposing parties will accuse the other.

The process slows, work on site may stop, quality may suffer.

It all becomes very stressful and expensive, normally ending with the client being forced to bring a solution, usually with more time and more money.

Not with us.

So say you do go down the the builder or architect route, how does that play out?

For one, you now have to make a lot of decisions.

You have no surety over the final price.

How do you know this is the best allocation of your spending.

You will be solely responsible for resolving any conflicts on site.

Not with us.

With Kieron Lynch Design and Build, from our first conversation to the completed building and beyond our focus is you. 

Your needs, your dreams and your budget.

​For centuries the architect was the master builder.

Only the architect is best trained to interpret your aspirations and requirements, to balance quality with cost.

​We passionately believe this is the best way.

That is why we only have the architect design your building, cost your building and project manage your building.

You will have our architect designed bespoke solution, that we guarantee you will like.

You will have our defined specification for what we will build you.

You will have our fixed price before any works commence on site.

You will have the architect on site during the build, every day.

You will have peace of mind and one point of contact ..... us.