Investors Inner Circle

Since the great crash of 1929 property has repeatedly annually outperformed stocks and shares...

Investor Inner Circle

A select group of private investors support and benefit for our Architect as Developer projects.

Before committing any money you must always know and fully understand what you are doing and have first sought independent professional advice.

As with any property investment, no guarantee of success is inferred, as well as potential for gains, there can be risks of financial losses including your capital.

Gold Members

Invest from £25000.

Annual return 20%.

Funds committed for 12 months.

Interest and capital paid annually in arrears.

Automatic invitation for our next project.

Silver Members

Invest from £1000.

Annual return 15%.

Funds committed for 12 months.

Interest and capital paid annually in arrears. 

Priority investor consideration for our next project.

Our Current Development
Probably the most important factor facing the planet is energy use.

Recent advances in and global uptake of simple traditional approaches to building for energy efficient buildings

now allows every new building to be considered its carbon footprint and energy use.

Does this mean we have to forfeit luxury and delightful designs - no.

Think of the advances in electric and hybrid cars, you can now have a fossil fuel beating super fast sports car, or a luxurious electric Range Rover.

The same with modern building design, the architecture is at the forefront, the energy efficiency is going on behind the scenes.

SONAS will be our building to exemplify what we believe is possible and can be used for any new home.

Indistinguishable from a non energy efficient custom designed residence, all the qualities and features you expect are there, all set in acres

of beautiful Perthshire countryside.

​Construction is scheduled for completion in Spring 2020.

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