Always a Bespoke Service

As our focus is on the delight and value for money of the end users of our buildings, we do things differently

Our better way Architect led Design & Build process creates your building project using our one-stop-shop approach

Very different from that offered by mainstream architects and builders

Your main benefits are,

  • From the outset of our relationship an indepth inquiry and understanding for what you aspire to.
  • We work closely with and fine tune our proposals directly with your input.
  • ​No need to worry about red tape. Any local authority permissions for planning permission and building warrant are handled by us on your behalf.
  • ​A fixed price for the design stage the  project from first sketch to your completed design, always balanced by your aspirations and budget.
  • Once the design is settled and you are happy with it, we then confirm our fixed construction price before works begin onsite.
  • Competitive pricing, so much so that we know our service won’t cost you more than the standard architect & builder option, in fact it may even cost you less.
  • Our chartered architects designing your project and as we also project manage the works on site you also benefit from our chartered architects frequently on site during your construction works is included in our price.
  • As we also project manage the construction works. You will benefit from no additional architect fees for that part of your project.
  • Always bespoke site specific designs. 

  • The contractual flexibility to look at any last minute client revisions during the construction phase,(conditions apply) something normally forbidden in contractor led projects.

  • Freedom from all the usual client duties and stresses of appointing and dealing with architects, engineers, the local council, health & safety matters, finding a good builder, getting a price that suits your budget, staying on budget, sorting out any on site conflicts and disputes, etc, etc.
  • Peace of mind from you having one point of contact for the whole project, us.

We take care of the rest.